About Us

BBG - Bangalore provides an excellent platform for networking, leveraging business contacts and opportunities. BBG - B membership enables access to business contacts in India and the UK.


1) To promote, develop and sustain commercial and business ties, as well as enhance the cultural bonds, between British corporates operating in the State of Karnataka, and Indian corporates headquartered or located in the State of Karnataka and having significant interests or investments in the UK.

2) To provide a framework within which the Indo-British commercial relationship and business links in, or relating to, the State of Karnataka, on the one hand, and the UK, on the other, can be encouraged and grown.

3) To be the forum for British and Indian companies and individuals with Indo-British interests:

  1. to meet, discuss issues of common interest, exchange relevant and related ideas and experiences, as well as network and make business contacts for mutual benefit in friendly and informal surroundings;

  2. to keep abreast of the latest business ideas and opportunities in both countries; and

  3. to listen and have delivered to them premier events (including, cross-cultural programmes); informative, knowledgeable, influential, renowned and interesting speakers, group, fire-side and round-table discussions; dinners, lunches, breakfasts and other get-togethers and networking functions; and special events (including, family get-togethers, celebrations of key dates and events, and industry specific focus events).

4) To facilitate and enable a platform for the British Deputy High Commission and the British Trade Office in Bangalore (and any other British Centre) to deliver any specific services (whether trade and business assistance; or other guidance and professional services) to Indian companies and individuals who are members of the BBG - Bangalore seeking to enter the UK or do business with British entities, or deepen their commercial ties in the UK and with British businesses. Vice-versa, to become a knowledge base and store-house of relevant Indian information, specific to the State of Karnataka, to enable British businesses to establish and grow their operations here.